Church Walk




This project involved the installation of a new resin driveway with an integral SUDS (sustainable urban drainage system) to replace the existing uneven concrete slab. Plus some additional hard landscaping and exterior decoration.

We’re always happy to be returning to a previous building project and especially one that ended up being featured in Sussex Life. For this new drive, our expert driveway installers used a permeable resin that gives the feel of traditional golden gravel to remain sympathetic to the stunning aesthetic of this period property. The resin driveway was then edged with rows of slate cobbles to add to the traditional feel. We also added rendered piers with York stone pier caps that enhanced the elegant look of the new driveway. These were complemented with York stone front steps to the house with a mosaic-tiled design inset into the top step. To finish, we painted the front door in a soft pink and fitted it with an antique, bronze, lion door knocker which we had also sourced.

Over the years we have installed all types of driveways including tarmac, asphalt, and other kinds of paving. In our desire to be more eco-friendly, we feel that SUDS compliant resin driveways are a way forward. This is because SUDS is a Sustainable Urban Drainage System. Most natural ground surfaces, such as grass and soil, are permeable. Traditional driveways are very different because they are not permeable. This means that surface water is unable to infiltrate the ground. The resulting surface run-off can cause a number of issues, including water pollution and flooding. SUDS sustainable drainage systems are considered environmentally beneficial, causing minimal or no long-term detrimental damage.


If you would like to know more about installing a new SUDS compliant resin driveway please contact us