Striving to be more sustainable builders, we are always looking for eco building solutions and have developed our own green building ethos: “Build the best product. Cause the least amount of harm to the environment possible. Use our business to inspire others and create positive solutions to the environmental crisis”

With the impact of globalisation, our community has become a little bigger. With new information and a better understanding of our part in the global environmental crisis we are currently facing, R.J.Steele Building Contractors actively seek to create exciting opportunities in green building to make a positive impact on our future now. We find innovative new ways to support our community and believe we have a responsibility to help in any way we can to help safeguard the future of our planet wherever possible. We have already started the changeover to electric vehicles. We have a supply chain that responsibly sources sustainable building materials. And we recycle all products where possible. We also promote positive change through our network and media outlets.

“Build the best product. Cause the least amount of harm possible.
Use our business to inspire others and create positive solutions to help counteract the environmental crisis.”


From the moment I started to become aware of eco building products, I noticed that not all products are equal. Some use harmful chemicals during their production processes; while others are bi-products of harmful industries. There are many innovative products, from water harvesting systems to ground heat source pumps. But, something that really stood out to me as causing the least amount of harm possible was hemp and its related products such as hempcrete.

Hemp construction uses renewable, crop-based materials that absorb carbon dioxide (CO2), providing an opportunity to capture and store CO2 in the fabric of a green building. It is claimed that hemp and lime can lock up to approximately 110kg of CO2 per m3 of wall. This equates to an almost better than carbon neutral product that performs up to modern standards, can be used for extensions, restorations, or a wholly new eco building.

You can read more about our Hempcrete services here.

R.J.Steele Building Contractors offers a truly unique green building service – combining high-end craftsmanship with a passion for our work, as well as a belief that even a small group of like-minded individuals can make a difference.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us a little better.

Yours faithfully,
Robert William Steele

We are proud sponsors of FRIEND Farm Animal Sanctuary’ who share our ethical views on protecting the planet and many of our four and two-legged friends.